How to American Idol Vote

How to American Idol Vote
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Hello everyone today we are going to tell you about How to Vote American Idol Live Voting Online. Like we always said that there are many ways to Vote American Idol Live Voting Tonight Episode. Today we are going to show you step by step guide on American Idol Voting and try to clear all your doubts by giving answers of FAQs.

Whenever American Idol premieres first question comes in your mind is When does American Idol Voting Begins? So, you can vote for your favorite contestant whom you are supporting in the season.

When does American Idol Live Voting Begin?

American Idol Live Episode Voting usually begins at the beginning of the East Coast broadcast at approximately 8pm ET/5pm PT. Generally American Idol Voting starts along with live episode so that fans votes can decide who will be making it through to the American Idol Top 16 Live Episode. Each week, Fans votes fix who makes it through the successive rounds and finally gets American Idol Winner Title.
After this you will have a quick question in your mind that how can I vote for my favorite contestant during American Idol Live Voting Episode. Find your answer below.

How do I Vote American Idol Voting Online?

American Idol have THREE CONVINIENT WAYS for their fans to Vote their favorite contestant during American Idol Live Voting Episode. First way is that you can vote online at Second one is that you can Vote using American Idol app and in case you don’t have both Third ways will be very helpful to you in that case and that is American Idol Live Voting via text.

There are some conditions are there for Voters too and that is “You have to be at least 16 years old and located in the U.S., Puerto Rico or the Virgin Islands to vote on or in the American Idol app.”

How to Vote American Idol Voting Via Text Message? American Idol Voting Number 

For American Idol text message voting, you just have to simply text the number of the contestant you would like to vote for to “21523”.

For Example:

Contestant name: ABC XYZ, No. Assigned: 15
To vote for ABC XYZ:
Text “15” to 21523

DISCLAIMER: American Idol Text voting is open to all Wireless Carriers. Message & data rates may apply. SMS voting terms are available at votenow.

Does American Idol have Toll Free Number for Voting? Can I Vote using American Idol Toll Free Number Voting?

No, you cannot Vote American Idol Toll Free Number Voting as there is not such method is available right now for voting. From past many seasons fans have same question relating to the American Idol Toll Free Number Voting but due to some reason ABC don’t want to apply such method so that voting process stays transparent to the fans. But due to increasing number of demands there may be chance that ABC official will look into that aspect too. We will update you with latest information in case we get any further communication on this.

How many days American Idol Voting Lines open?

American Idol Live Voting begins on Sunday with beginning of the East Coast broadcast at approximately 8pm ET/5pm PT and locks at 3am ET/12am PT on Monday.

How many Times can I Vote American Idol Voting?

You can submit 10 Votes for each contestant per Voting method (means you can submit 10 Votes on American Idol Website; you can submit 10 Votes on American Idol App and 10 Votes Via Text Voting). So, total you can submit 30 Votes each week for each contestant. In case you made mistake don’t worry you can reallocate you Votes on American Idol App and Website until voting window closes. Just make sure to ‘Save’ the changes every time you change your votes.

How do I change my Email address connected with my ABC Account?

First you have to logged in to your ABC account then Go to “Manage Account”. There you will find all the account setting like Change Password, Change Email Address etc.

How to Recover my ABC Account Password? I forgot my ABC Username and Password Help!

You don’t have to worry at all even if you forget your ABC username and password.  You just have to simple go to the vote page. No matter voting lines are open or not you will find “SIGN IN” option there Click on it and you find LINKS for password recovery below SIGN IN option. (Need help signing in? Find this to recover ABC account credentials)

After doing all this still you are facing any problem to Vote American Idol Live Voting? Then send feedback to American Idol send us your feedback here. Please select “Site / Player Issues” from the issue drop-down, and “American Idol Vote” in the inquiry drop-down.

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