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How To Vote American Idol 2021 Season 19

How To Vote American Idol 2021 Season 19
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Hello everyone today we are going to tell you about How to Vote American Idol 2021 Season 19. We know that you all are very much excited about the upcoming season of American Idol Season 19. ABC is going to premier American idol’s first episode on 14 February 2021. But whenever new season begins fans have one question in their mind that When does American Idol 2021 Live Voting Online begins? So, to clear all your doubts regarding American Idol Live Voting read the full article below.

When does American Idol 2021 Season 19 Live Voting begins?

Like previous season first you will see American Idol Auditions which are pre recorded and then those who succeed in Audition round are going to perform in Hollywood Week round which is also prerecorded. So, you cannot vote in the pre recorded episodes. So main game begins after the Hollywood round which is American Idol Live Voting episodes which decide the future of contestants depends on your votes. So American Idol 2021 Live Voting begins in end of March.

How to Vote American Idol 2021 Voting Online?

This is one of the easiest methods to save your contestant in American Idol 2021 Live Voting. For this method you just have to visit CLICK HERE TO VOTE. To use this method first, you have to create your ABC account using your email address and if you already have then simply sign in to your ABC account and enjoy the Voting process.

How to Vote American Idol 2021 Voting on App? Vote on American Idol Voting App

To Vote Contestants on American Idol app is as same as Voting Online. First you need to install American Idol Voting app from Google Play store or App Store then log in to your ABC account and enjoy the American Idol 2021 Voting Process. To know more about How many time you can Vote for One Contestant in American Idol Click here.

How to Vote American Idol 2021 Text Message Voting?

This method is used by those who don’t have internet to their home or don’t access of above 2 methods as this method will cost you SMS charges as per the American Idol/Wireless Carrier policies. To vote you favorite contestant through American Idol Text message voting you have to send your contestant voting number on “21523”. For Example: Your favorite contestant assigned with No. 10 for Voting then send text “10” to 21523.

How to Vote American Idol 2021 Voting on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram?

Till now ABC officially not confirmed about any of the above method for American Idol 2021 Voting but due to increasing number of demands there many be a chance that ABC will come up with the convenient way for the fans to vote for their favorite contestant on American Idol 2021. Apart from this you can Like and Follow our American Idol Fan Page to share you ideas and Vote for your favorite contestant and You can also take part in American Idol 2021 Winner prediction polls before the actual voting in order to get your American Idol 2021 Winner spoiler.

Shall I Vote using American Idol 2021 Voting Toll Free Number?

Despite many claiming about the American Idol Voting Toll free number available but in reality, there is no official communication from the ABC regarding Toll free Number Voting. So, you have to wait until we get any further communication from ABC regarding updated American Idol 2021 Voting processes.

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